When To See a Podiatrist About Your Foot Pain

When To See a Podiatrist About Your Foot Pain

Too many of us go about our days enduring nagging pains or blunting them with over the counter treatments. At least just enough to bear through another day of work. But too often this ignores the problem and limits our treatment options once we've finally decided to seek out professional help. Don't wait too long, contact your Albany, NY, experts Dr. Marc Ginsburg and Dr. Steven Lam of Capital Region Foot Care to find out how they can help you with your foot pain.

Start With the Shoes A common theme with foot pain is ill-fitting footwear. For those of us who must be on our feet for long shifts or simply are wearing shoes that are too tight or not supportive enough, we're helping create a lot of these problems, or make them worse.

Corns and calluses are often the result of friction. Which are exacerbated if we already suffer from conditions such as bunions or hammertoes, or any other type of foot deformity. These also often arise due to constricting footwear.

Shoes without proper support can lead to heel pain, and a condition called plantar fasciitis.

Changing the type of shoes you wear is a good first step for some of the above-mentioned problems. Rest and anti-inflammatory medication can help with a few mild symptoms, but if foot pain is impacting your everyday life then it's time to see your podiatrist for a solution.

Foot Pain Treatment in Albany, NY That is the key to deciding when to see your podiatrist, when that nagging pain becomes, or has the potential of becoming, something you can't ignore. Paying attention to your feet is especially important if you suffer from diabetes because pain may not be there to alert you that something is wrong.

Let your Albany, NY, podiatrists guide you to the correct treatment. From padding and orthotic devices, to surgery, if necessary, your doctors Dr. Ginsburg and Dr. Lam of Capital Region Foot Care can help you rid yourself of pain. To schedule your appointment today call (518) 465-3515.


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