Treatment For Sports Injuries

Sports injuries of the feet and ankles typically result from direct impact or overuse while playing sports. These sports injuries could be chronic or acute. For instance, a sprained ankle due to an awkward landing while playing football is considered an acute sports injury. A chronic sports injury, on the other hand, results from repeated overuse of joints or muscle groups while playing. Structural abnormalities and improper technique could likewise play a huge role in chronic sports injuries.

In this light, a medical inspection of feet and ankle sports injuries is crucial since you might have a more serious injury than you might be feeling. For instance, what might appear as an ankle sprain might really be a fracture, upon a thorough evaluation of your sports injuries by Dr. Marc Ginsburg or Dr. Steven Lam here at Capital Region Foot Care in Albany, NY.

First Aid for Common Ankle and Feet Sports Injuries

To avoid further damage, follow these first aid treatments for joint injuries, strains, and sprains. For broken bones, however, seek immediate help right away.

  • Rest the affected area and don’t use it for two to three days.
  • Ice the injured area for at least 20 minutes for two to three days every two hours.
  • Compress the injured site by applying an elastic band over it, extending the band below and above it for extra support.
  • Elevate the affected site above your heart’s level whenever possible.
  • Don’t massage the injured area to avoid bleeding or swelling and delayed healing.
  • See your doctor in Albany, NY, to get your sports injuries checked out as soon as you can.

Treating Your Sports Injuries

In general, your treatment will depend on the severity and kind of injury you have. Check in with your doctor if your pain worsens or persists after two days of home treatments. Physical therapy could help in rehabilitating the injured foot, leg, or ankle with specific exercises that will help promote flexibility and strength. Returning to any physical activity will depend on the instructions of your doctor.

Attempting to play prior to your injury healing completely will delay your recovery and cause more complications, so just don’t. Take note that the most significant risk factor for any injury that involves soft tissues is a past injury. This means that while you heal, you should follow all your doctor’s instructions, including exercises that you can do safely.

For Any Concerns, Questions, or Advice on Sports Injuries, We Can Help

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