Relief for Painful Bunions

You should probably be concerned about bunions, and not just because of how they make your feet look. You should also be concerned because this foot deformity could affect everything from the way you walk to how your shoes fit. Seek help from a podiatrist at Capital Region Foot Care in Albany, NY. Problems with Bunions According to research published in Arthritis Care & Research, as many as a third of the population may have a mild to severe case of bunions. Some cases are minor and can be resolved by changing footwear. In other cases, bunions completely change the shape, structure, and function of the foot, requiring more aggressive treatment. If you like to run or exercise, bunions can make that enjoyable experience very uncomfortable. Bunions can also cause toe crowding, calluses, and corns. Bunion Relief An Albany podiatrist can offer you relief from the discomfort of bunions. One or more of these therapies may work for your unique case: – Strapping or splinting to help move the toe joint back into a better-aligned position. – Custom orthotics that help readjust and improve the shape of the foot over time. – The placement of soft padding between the toes to reduce crowding and overlapping. – Removal of bone tissue in a surgical procedure called a bunionectomy so that the toe joint can be realigned. Keeping Bunions from Forming You and your podiatrist will discuss the reasons why your bunions formed in the first place. In most cases, the answer will be in the types of shoes you wear each day, your activities, and maybe a look into your family history. Here are some tips for how you can keep bunions from forming again:  – Wear comfortable, roomy, square-toed shoes. – Avoid standing for long periods if it can be avoided. Sit down and rest often. – Ask your doctor about taking supplements to strengthen and nourish your joint and bone health. Explore Your Treatment Options Instead of settling for a life with potentially painful, unsightly bunions, see an Albany, NY, podiatrist to talk about how you can get your feet back to normal. Call 518-465-3515 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marc Ginsburg or Dr. Steven Lam at Capital Region Foot Care.


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